Miss Petaluma On…


Was i surprised when Rachel Adedeji fought for her place on the X Factor?  Not really.  I think the 18 year old is beautiful, with a warm and soulful voice and a fantastic, urban style.  But you see, this is the X Factor, the nation’s favourite show of the moment and one therefore watched by millions accross the country.  Many who’ve never seen a black women in the flesh, yet alone week after week, with such a distinctive, avant gard look.  Her ‘silly hair’ – as described by Simon Cowell – combined with skyscraper heels and Balmain-style shoulders,  were always going to be a bit too scary for most outside of the M25.

‘How did Miss Burke triumph last year?’  I hear you cry.  Well, the answer is simple, Alxandra’s look is unofessenive, groomed, mainstream and westernised – she had a long, shiny weave and wore outfits you’d see in Cosmopolitan over Wallpaper any day.   So, when Rachel appeared last Saturday, sparkling in a designer number, notorious high-top removed and a slick bob in it’s place, I knew she’d sail through the votes.  And so she did.

It comes down to that aggressive, panther-like stereotype of black women – Grace Jones, Kelis, Skunk Anansi….  I supposed there’s something about this look the average Brit is not a fan of, something better experienced from a distance.


3 Responses to “Miss Petaluma On…”

  1. misspetaluma Says:

    It seems the Guardian can see what I’ve saying too.


  2. Agree with you totally. I thought Rachel had an individual/edgy style when she started which us British are famous for-then the show just blanded her out. Also, she’s a teenager and they were trying to turn her into a 30 year old. She was always far too cool for X Factor-lets face it. If Bowie or Grace Jones went on the show-Cowell would have rejected them for looking ‘silly’ too.

  3. Don’t really agree. Rachel got booted out because she came across as a fake. The funky high top she rocked in the 1st 2 weeks just wasn’t her and when she was transformed into a more ‘likeable’ image, it was just plain boring. People love the edgy/quirky look. Check out Rhianna and La Roux. I think she was just lost and so were her stylist. Who would have thought your style could make you lose a talent show? She had the best voice. R.I.P.

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