Miss Petaluma On…



Blond hair on black women can have both disastrous and knock out results.   Over the years few have been able to pull it off without their hair looking dry and tired. It’s hardly a natural hair colour but if there’s one person who’s successfully experimented with the iconic shade, in all its varieties, it’s Mary J Blige. The R&B legend releases her new album ‘Stronger’ next month and her blonde quiff has given me that blond ambition.

So if you’re planning on taking that step, here’s a few tips to keep your blond moment alive.

  • Condition – I cannot stress how important it is to keep your hair moisturised and treated. The first few days after your dye, your hair will feel quite brittle, at this stage regular hot oil treatments, such as Kemi-Oyl (a multi-tasking natural nut-based oil) and also reconstructive conditioners, will maintain the sheen and suppleness of your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair with gentle makes, designed for damaged or relaxed hair.
  • Neutralise the yellow tones in your hair with purple shampoos and conditioners. The purple pigments will calm down the brash yellowness of your hair and revive dull blond hues.
  • Maintain your colour frequently, as black roots do not make a blond bombshell look.
  • Now I know this is hard, but step-away from the heat! Frequent blow drying and hair straightening will torturize your hair.  Air dry your hair every now and then and tie back with some moisture-rich serum.

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