Miss Petaluma On…


It’s quite funny really, despite China taking centre-stage with the Beijing Olympics, it’s still not all there when it comes to race relations.  Apparently over 90% of the population are pure Chinese, so anyone else kind of sticks out.

Take Lou Jing, a semi-finalist on China’s pop Idol-style show ‘Go! Oriental Girl’.  The 20 year old, has the unique combination of African American and Chinese blood.  Born and raised in Shanghai by her single Chinese mother, the youngster had a successful run on the popular talent show.  Beautiful, talented and sweet, poor Lou had her work cut out for her when faced with national outcry over her biological make-up.  Nietzens formed anti-Lou Jing/ black websites, one viciously saying,

“Is this the legend of the bastard? And an unwanted bastard, Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Still obsessed with him after several decades? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what? Looking for lost big XX? Looking for climax never had again? Shameless! Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? It’s because of shameless bitch like her! please help this bastard find her family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs! Black Dad, come back soon! Someone cannot forget your big XX.”

It beggars belief right?  But I can only wonder what it must have been like to grow up believing you were dark skinned because you ‘ate too much soy sauce and chocolate’.  How can you cope in a society with no black role models?  How do you manage your afro hair?  How do you feel beautiful when you stand out like Kate Middleton in East Street Market?  This case has certainly encouraged China to face it’s progress in an age where it is desperate to be seen as progressive and international.

Lou Jing's promotional shot for Go! Oriental Girl

Lou Jing's eviction next to her Chinese mum

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