Miss Petaluma On… The Brolax

It’s fair to say black men are one of the more flashier racial groups of their sex. Even the humble jeans and t-shirt combo is given special ethnic treatment, with statement belt buckles, bling, oversized graphic print tees and super baggy jeans.  Anyway, I digress, as there’s one trend that really should go back to the drawing board – The Brolax (relaxed hair on blackmen).  Gentelmen, why or why?   I’ll say it again and again, black men with straight hair never works.   No one has ever pulled it off (except Prince, who as an enigma easily gets away with the wash and set look).   It’s a big decision for a black man to break the mould with such a taboo hairstyle, one even more heinous for me then the Milli Vanilli braids – shudder.  Ultimately, it’s the equivalent of a white guy with a perm a la Micheal Bolton – it will never cut it.

Little Richard in the original Conk

Prince pulls off the Brolax as easily as shoulder-less vests

Nokio from 90s R&B band Dru Hill sports the tweenies Conk

Anyway, it started in the states with The Conk.  This is quite simply a straightened and tonged high top and was popular with black men right up until the 70s and black power came in.   Now this was way before the relaxers of today. So, quite often these men were simply torturising their hair with pure, toxic lye.   This made them appear more affluent and stylishthen their nappy headed peers.   Throughout the 70s and 80s, you had the afro and roots heads, versus, the next Brolax generation, the soul brothers.   James Brown and pimps, were the leaders of the pack, showing women how to curl their hair just so and get that bounce and shine.  Ugghh!! Nowadays, you have footballers to contend with, American rapper and still, unfortunately, pimps-look guys.

A youthful James Brown with his curled mane

Ashford of ‘Solid as a rock’ fame has rocked a Brolax for almost 40 years

What more can i say?

It says so much about a man when he goes for a Brolax.   He’ll always seem like a bit of a wally and very slimey.   Yes, I can pity the frustration of brothers who want as much versatility as black women and also their white counterparts. Are they pressured to blend in to the western aesthetic or  do they just enjoy picking up women in black hair shops? Although  I don’t think sharing hair tips and straighteners would be the best relationship builder.  Besides, trying to recreate David Beckham’s Mohawk, the jagged Hoxton look or even Beyonce’s hair (yes some men are even going full on Black Barbie weave on us), will not a stylish man make.

Footballer Drogba loves his sweated out Brolax

Snoop Dogg with the pimp-look Brolax

Poor old Essex lad and Big Brother Winner was a victim of both the Hoxton-style Brolax and also pale contacts (but i’ll file that for another post)


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