Miss Petaluma On…KELIS TROPHE

Ok, so I know Vogue has deemed grey hair as chic this season, but I think Kelis drank a bit too much of her ‘special’ Milkshake when she pulled this look together.  Once the darling of the fashion world, hanging out in the front rows and blushing in her custom-designed Matthew Williamson wedding dress, this singer has taken her fashion self-expression too far for my liking.

Kelis at the First Annual Data Awards in Hollywood

It’s the eclectic combination of

  1. Statue of Liberty hair
  2. Avatar braid,
  3. ring master jacket
  4. Bollywood jewellery,
  5. leaf  false eyelashes
  6. Britney-style  catsuit
  7. Granted those Alexander McQueen platforms looked fabulous on the runway, but the shoes too

Get the picture?

Now Kelis, I can appreciate divorces and babies do such damage to your self-esteem, you’re figure looks incredible and I really like the hair cut, but  I’m sorry ‘I hate this look right now’ and forever too.

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