Miss Petaluma On…Harlem Princesses

I have seen pretty much every Disney movie.  Even as an adult, I love their age-old tales of the princess and her prince.  Now the complexions, have never really graded down lower than Native American in Pocahontas and, growing up, I never thought I’d see a black princess feature in a Disney film.  So, it was with great joy I watched The Frog Princess last week and saw the tale of Tiana unfold.  Set in a jazzy, 1920s New Orléans, this was a Miss Petaluma dream come true.  As you know, my mind is always at fashion play.  Maybe it’s the romance of the Valentine’s season, but those gorgeous flapper dresses, cloche hats and Harlem Renaissance style ‘costumes’ have gone and  inspired me.  Needless to say, I have always said if i could go back in time for one day, it would be in 1920s New York.

Girls in Harlem

Tiana in the Princess and the Frog

John Galliano SS10 show

Louis Armstrong's Wife Lil Hardin

Jazz had a huge influence on the runways for SS10, despite the saturation of  bold shoulders and harem pants.  Hurrah I say, as the juxtaposed combination of ultra feminine butter-soft  silk, lace, fur and yes-i-can-last-all-day-in-these-shoes heels, with a tough and sassy character is a definite love of mine.  The Harlem Rennaisance was not only around at the time, when women’s kmees and breasts were liberated from centuries of  stifling corsets and long skirts, but it was also a celebration of African American, intellect, literature, art, music, dance and fashion.  So, tomorrow as i celebrate Valentine’s day with my Prince Charming, I might just slip into something like this:

Topshop Faux Fur Coat by Boutique £150

Crumpet Diamond Sequin Cashmere Cardigan £380

Topshop Frill Hip Embroidered Dress £100

Topshop Spotty Collared Top £35

Alexander Wang Sequined Draped Skirt £560

Toshop Longline Seamed Bralet £25

Asos Feather Clutch £25

Per Una Wool Floral Cloche Hat £18

Topshop Art Deco Earrings £10

Topshop Jewel Cut Out Shoes £55


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