Miss Petaluma On…Take a Walk on the Bright Side

Now here’s one I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  You see I’m ever the fan of a bright accessory, or a bright cardigan – at the age of six, yellow became my favourite colour when I was put on the yellow table at school.   Nowadays, I’m completely thrown when someone holds up a lurid dress and says, “oh you’d look really great in this colour.”  It’s that dated fashion rule – pastels are great on blonds, earthy colours on red heads, rich colours on brunettes and super brights on darker skin.  Alek Wek started the trend in the nineties, with her intense hues and bright red lipstick.  The only black model on the runway was reserved for the brightest outfit and in my opinion ridiculous (sorry artistic)  make up, unlike the flattering looks of her paler counterparts.  I did a shoot not too long ago, where I briefed in the photographer of my bright colour theme.  He was in charge of the model casting.  Can I say I was surprised when the gorgeous CJ, shaven headed and luminous chocolate arrived?  No, not really.
CJ all in cobalt blue
Woah there, hang on just a minute, Alek Wek and all of those bitter chocolate models can pull it off on the runways (well just about) and it’s a great look for teenagers and early 20 somethings, but without revealing my age,  I don’t fit into these categories.  How am I meant to walk down Tottenham High Road, looking like a reject from Zippo’s Circus and even worse a Reflex (80s club chain) reveller?

I must admit, as i feel the arctic breeze destroy my plans for spring, a flash of summer could warm up my winter wardrobe.  The last few days, I have been experimenting – I bought a hot pink lipstick from Sleek (bargainous) which has received nothing but compliments, I wore my bright yellow cardigan, with a babydoll denim dress and teal tights and on sunday a jade green grecian-style dress, complete with my now daily fuchsia kissers.
Now, I’ve just stumbled across this stunning shoot in Numero France magazine, featuring Kinee Diouf.  I’m loving the flashes of colour on lady-like silhouettes and have decided this is the way forward.  I just got a stunning yellow silk blouse from M&S and have to admit my one day wearing it was rather cheery (I shall be wearing it tomorrow too).   I would say it’s all about the balance, be judicious with your selection of silhouette, colour and placement.

Hot pink pants combined with black

An electric blue with yellow belt is toned down with a sensible black blazer

Just how I wore my yellow top, an office uplift with a black skirt

Only a few can pull off a bright blue dress with white heels, but give it a go by all means

So, how can you wear this look stylishly?


Wear bright lips

Mix with black or grey

Choose luxurious fabrics, such as silk, linen  and velvet to keep the taste levels high


wear jerseys or sportswear, unless you’re competing in Save the Last Dance Peckham, you’re going to look like you’re off to the gym or Missy Elliot

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