Miss Petaluma On…Wild Thang

Most people who know me, know I HEART leopard print.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated a 1 bikini, 2 sarongs, 1 jacket (worn so often the lining’s shattered), 1 skirt, 1 blouse, 1 dress, 1 bag, 1 peep toe shoe and most recently an umbrella.  Yes, too much and you can look a bit Betty-ish from Corrie and generally trashy, but worn right and you add some sassy depth to your outfit.  There is also something obviously tribal about animal print;  as such, maybe my adoration centres on that element sensual prowess. It’s kitsch, retro and luxurious all in one go – fabulous.

Josephine Baker and her pet leopard

Here’s the latest issue Naomi Campbell editorial in this month’s Vogue Russia, wearing striking designs by the likes of McQueen, Dior and Alaia.  Now, the sun’s out, I’m ready for the heat.  Josephine Baker had the real thing to saunter down the streets of Paris, well today I’ll have to make do with my heels – ridiculously high, but hey!  It is a jungle out there!

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