Miss Petaluma On…Amazing Grace

Some people are born with that extra something which makes their star shine that little bit brighter than the rest of ours.  I’d say, rather confidently, Grace Jones is one of them.  An enigma of voice, body, fashion and fear the 60-something celebrates her birthday (it’s exciting to share my birthday week with someone so spectacular).  The Jamaican-born singer, actress and model took the world by storm in the late 70s, tearing up Studio 54 with the likes of Andy Warhol.  After that she launched album upon album of throaty classics and even starred in a Bond film.  Result for a Spanish Town girl!

Grace celebrating her birthday in Cannes

I think any woman, yet alone grandmother who dresses as uniquely and shockingly as Jones deserves the kudos.  Albeit with her infamous ‘mad black lady’ reputation, who would dare tell the ‘Feel Up’ singer it’s time for the M&S Classic’s section.  Happy Birthday.

In the Studio 54 days, shot by artist Andy Warhol

THAT album cover 'Island Life'

A more feminine Jones

Black Bond Girl in 'A View to Kill'

She did it first - Gaga, Aguilera yawn!

Of another world and time...stunning!

Promo shot for 'Hurricane'

Androgynous album cover for 'Nightclubbing' 1981

The picture says it all

On the cover of fashion titan V Magazine


One Response to “Miss Petaluma On…Amazing Grace”

  1. Grace Jones is awesome! I hope I can look half as good as she does when I reach her age. You go girl!!!!!!

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