Miss Petaluma On…Oil La La

With my new natural hair et al, I’ve been taking natural to a whole new level, by attempting to use pure oil in my skin and hair regimes.  It’s been just over a month and would you believe soft, glowing skin and healthy hair.  It’s  a poignant discovery in the face of the ridiculous amounts of money black women spend on their hair and products, on top of expensive creams and ointments.  I’d rather not think about how many hardly used products I’ve thrown away over the years.  They had impelling packaging and ingredients to lure me in.  Every time, i’d pathetically await the transformation and every time nada!

One bottle of oil for all of this. What would you choose?

The concept is nothing new, 1000s of years BC and the Ancient Egyptians were combining oils and herbs to maintain their skin.  In fact, workers were regularly paid in body oil.  The oil protected their skin from the harsh sun.   Once it was applied to the body, they would scrape it off to clean them selves, water much more of a precious commodity back then.  Even ancient Greek athletes were in on the tip, coating their bodies with oil pre-events, to prevent their pores from getting clogged up with debris and even lowering their body temperature.  Roman’s thickened their hair with a healthy dose of olive oil.

The one’s to look out for:

Kemi Oyl

Kemi Oyl from around £2.50 for mini bottle, most black hair shops

I’ve been using this on and off for almost 10 years now.  Originally it was just for my hair, but it really is an all-encompassing wonder oil, which can be used all over the body.  It’s an African herbal oil, made of 100% precious essentials oils (no one knows what – but there’s  most likely Jojoba in the mix).  It’s lightweight and smells divine.  Try it out the next time you do a mani-pedi, wonderful!

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil available in most health shops and black hair care shops

This is what I’ve been using on my skin.  Perfect timing for summer, I say, as it’s super soft and I have had the driest skin since birth.    Smooth on straight out of the shower for all day coverage.  A powerful anti-oxidant, it’s perfect for all skin types and has been known to heal scars, stretch marks and burns.

Now there”s loads to choose from Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sea Buckthorne….the list goes on.  So just spend an hour at a black hair care shop or Holland and Barratts  and check out the offer.  The next year’s going to financially draining, that doesn’t mean you can’t look flawless.  It’s just a frugal attitude, Make Do and Mend, where making do actually involves using age old foolproof  methods and no computer-generated explanations for all the scientific ingredients.

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