Miss Petaluma On…Vogue Africa? Er No

Just when I thought Africa was finally and deservedly being seen as the hottest influence in the fashion industry, Conde Nast (the official style power-broker) put it in its place.

Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya took on the challenge of showing Africa in the stylish light it deserves.  Creating a campaign to impress publisher Conde Nast, he created fictional covers with gorgeous imagery and believable messaging.  Unfortunately, it seems Conde Nast are content with stealing the African aesthetic for its shoots, but unwilling to represent the wealth of designers and models it comes from.

Vogue is published in 18 countries world-wide and famously criticised for its poor use of ethnic models, only Vogue Italia seek to redress this with regular specials and a new website dedicated to black fashion Vogue Black.   Africa’s a huge continent, with a fast-growing fashion industry – it saw its first Fashion Week this spring – and its traditional prints and artisan prints are the key look for Autumn Winter.  There are women there who really care about what they wear, their hairstyles, make-up and have money to spend.  Look at the success of Arise Magazine.  I say shame on you Conde Nast, you missed a trick here.   Let’s enjoy what could have been.

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